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1. What kind of sea turtles nest in North Myrtle Beach?
2. When do sea turtles nest?
3. How big are they?
4. How do they make the nest?
5. How long does it take?
6. How deep are the eggs?
7. How many eggs do they lay per nest?
8. How long does it take the eggs to hatch?
9. Does the mother protect the nest?
10. Why is a nest moved?
11. What can harm the eggs?
12. What are the main predators of hatchlings?
13. What are the main predators of adult turtles?
14. When is the best time to see a turtle nesting or a nest hatching?
15. Where do hatchlings go when they enter the ocean?
16. How many hatchlings survive to sexual maturity?
17. What do I do if I find a hatchling on the beach during the day?
18. What if I see a sick or injured sea turtle on the beach?
19. Can I take home a piece of shell or part of a turtle skeleton?
20. Where can I go for more information?