The Police Training Division provides high quality training to all Police, Detention, and Telecommunication employees. 

New Recruits

All new recruits are required to complete Basic Law Enforcement training at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. The training consists of 4 weeks of in-house instruction and 8 weeks on-site training at the Criminal Justice Academy. In addition, new recruits complete a 16-week post-academy field training program. 

Pre-Certified Recruits

The South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy recognizes out of state and some federal Law Enforcement Certifications. The Criminal Justice Academy’s training and certification unit makes the determination whether a pre-certified law enforcement Officer’s certification is equivalent to the South Carolina Class 1 LE Certification. Qualifying candidates will then complete the Special Basic Program. This program consists of online training in-house, then complete the state cumulative exam along with an Emergency Vehicle Operation Course and the Academy firearms qualification. 

Training & Certification

All Uniform Patrol officers are trained as a South Carolina Class I officer. Class 1 Officers are required to complete 40 hours of continuing education every 3 years. This includes: 

Online Academy Training: 

  • 3 Blocks of Domestic Violence Training 
  • 3 Blocks of Legal Updates 
  • 1 Block of Mental Health Awareness 

Annual in-service trainings include but are not limited to: 

  • Active Shooter Training
  • Jujitsu based Defense Tactics Training 
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation Driving Training 
  • Firearms Range Training 
  • Scenario based Officer Survival Training
  • Verbal De-escalation Training
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Ethics Training
  • Taser Training

In addition, the Police Training Division is the liaison between our officers and training agencies. Advanced training courses and opportunities are offered through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy as well as numerous private law enforcement training entities. 

Police Training Center

The Police Department houses a training room for lessons and uses the shooting range in Conway, SC. All in-service training is conducted by our SCCJA certified instructors as well as our instructors certified through other law enforcement training programs. 

For more information on the Training Division contact Sgt. Kyle Smith at 843-281-3828 or email

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